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Getting to Know myFBCA

I am very excited to introduce a new resource here at First Baptist Arlington called myFBCA. Consider myFBCA to be your main hub for ministry at First Baptist Church Arlington. We strongly believe that the more connected you can be at a local church, the more impact you can have on the Kingdom and the more that others can impact your walk with Christ.

How do I access myFBCA?

You will need a username and password to access myFBCA. If you have received your credentials already, keep reading. If you need your login credentials, please request them here: Request Login Credentials

Once you have your credentials, from the browser on your computer or mobile device, go to this address: myfbca.org.

I’ve logged in, now what?

One of the main uses of myFBCA is that it is a great online directory for our church. Check out your profile by clicking on the circle with your initials in the top right of the screen.

Edit your profile picture and profile preferences.

Once you are viewing your profile, there are a few key things to do first:

  1. Click the 3 small dots to configure your profile.
    • Communication Preferences will allow you to control how often you receive emails from the myFBCA system.
    • Privacy will allow you to control which information is shared with other myFBCA users. You are in complete control of what is shared, and information on children 12 and under can only be seen by family and approved staff.
    • Username/Password can be used to change your login credentials.
  2. Add your photo by clicking the round profile photo icon.
  3. Click the Blue “Edit” Button to update your personal information. Keep in mind that this is your official contact information that the church will use to contact you, as well as the information that will be displayed to other users if you have allowed it to be shown.

What else can I do in myFBCA?

In the left-hand menu, you will see some menu option for other functions. Here is a brief summary of them:

  • Home is your starting point in myFBCA. It contains useful links to popular sections of myFBCA.
  • Groups is your place to connect with the groups your are a part of at FBCA. In myFBCA, a Group can be your Bible Study department, a committee you serve on, a choir, small group, or area of service. Each Group has tools to allow you to connect, communicate, and meet the needs of other group members.
  • People allows you to find and connect with other members of FBCA. This is where you will find the “online directory” functionality of myFBCA.
  • Serve allows you to find a place to serve at FBCA.
  • Give allows you to give online, setup a recurring gift, or view your giving statements.
  • Calendar allows you to see the events going on at FBCA, and the events for the groups you are a member of. You can also see when you are scheduled to serve, and you can even see your family calendar too.

We are very excited for you to begin using myFBCA. If you need help in accessing the system, please stop by the Technical Support table in the Welcome Center.

Written by
Andy Milliorn

Andy is the Executive Technology Officer at FBCA. He received his BS in Graphic Communications from Clemson University and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. Andy and his family live in Mansfield.

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Written by Andy Milliorn